And this is one reason why we made the change

V had an overnight at my parents’ house and was not feeling well today. (She had to stay up until 10:30 PM last night to check her bedtime sugar, since she had a late desert but my Mom can’t quite check blood sugar and/or administer insulin when V’s asleep. As a result she was tired and off today.) She did not have much of an appetite. In fact, she did not want to eat until later in the afternoon, so had no breakfast and no lunch. A couple of months ago it would have been a nerve-wrecking disaster worrying about her dropping, and having to call MD on call to figure out what changes she had to make to her insulin regimen. But with our current system it was simple. Check blood sugar to make sure it was not low. Done. No food = no insulin. Simple. She actually had perfect numbers throughout the day.

In other news, I hate malt. Or rather I hate that malt flavor is added to virtually every breakfast cereal that would be gluten-free otherwise. It is so damn hard to find gluten-free cereal that does not cost $5 for a tiny box. Costco used to carry Honey Chex and Panda Cereal. While they were rather higher in carbs and sugar than I’d prefer, at least they were affordable options. I haven’t seen them last few times I’ve been there. So now I’m back to looking for coupons and waiting for sales. End of rant.

On the upside, three cheers to Mountain Mike’s Pizza! V loves their gluten-free pizza and the rest of the family loves the regular pizza. And it’s just a mile away from home, making it an easy carry-out. We have not been able to get nutritional info for gluten-free pizza but so far our estimates seem pretty accurate judging by blood sugar numbers. Win.


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