Still honeymooning

For T1D, it’s a mixed blessing.

V had her follow-up appointment yesterday. Her A1C went from ridiculous 12.3 in May to perfect 7.2 now. That is great news. However, she is still in the honeymoon phase. After recovering from the shock and stress of high blood sugar, her pancreas is producing some insulin, so her insulin needs are very low. It is expected that within a few months to a year from initial diagnosis, the pancreas will eventually stop producing insulin because the body will finish killing off the remaining beta cell. As that happens, V’s insulin dosages will increase. Until then we are stuck in a limbo, not knowing when we will hit the floor, needing to make frequent changes to her regimen. On one hand, I supposed it’s not a bad thing at all that her body is making at least some insulin. On the other hand, stability would be nice. It’s getting rather annoying to be going up and down, to have a few good days, then to have spikes or lows, to have to speak with RNs and MDs often and tweak her dosages every few weeks. Also, no pump until honeymoon is over because it would put her at risk of dangerous lows. So while we are going to attend education appointments to get us ready for a pump, it is uncertain when V’s body will be ready for it. Until then we are stuck with multiple injections. At least the new system and the pens are so much easier than vials and syringes.


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