Restaurant Review: The Trails Eatery

I can’t remember how I’ve heard about this restaurant before – maybe someone mentioned it, maybe I’ve read a review somewhere. I definitely passed by it often, as it is right in our neighborhood. Last weekend we were discussing where to go for dinner, wanting real home-made food and not some chain restaurant greasy, fatty, carby food. I checked Gluten Free in San Diego website and noticed that The Trails Eatery was on their list, so we decided to give it a try.

I am so happy we did! We came in right at 5 PM when the restaurant opened, so we were among the first customers that evening. They have a separate GF menu, though dinner menu is not included in this link. There were definitely plenty of choices, including salads and sandwiches.  It wasn’t busy yet and we didn’t feel bad taking up staff’s time with our questions. And we had lots. How big is a serving of this? Do you happen to know how many carbs are in that? What gluten-free bread do you use with sandwiches? The staff were very nice, answered questions and went back to check on the carb count for GF bread (they use Udi’s brand).

V decided to order turkey and bacon sandwich and mashed potatoes and really enjoyed her meal. The rest of us opted for gluten-filled food, including a humongous grilled cheese sandwich for my son and cajun chicken pasta for me and my hubby. Everything was delicious. At the end we split the GF chocolate flourless cake for dessert. You could not tell it was GF. Finger-licking-good!

Carb content for V’s meal: Sandwich = 22g, all from bread. Udi’s bread is really low on carbs, two slices are only 22g of carbs. Mashed potatoes = 30g, estimated. The serving was about 1 cup. We eyeballed it and sized it up using our collapsable measuring cups. The carb content for the cake was a pure guesstimate of 60g.

Bottom line: two thumbs up! Tasty GF options, fresh and home-made food, staff is knowledgeable about GF and understanding about diabetic needs, willing to answer questions and make accommodations. And it is a local business to boot. You should check out their GF breakfast menu, including pancakes! (I shall tell you a story of my first half-failed attempt to make GF pancakes in due time.) We are definitely coming back!



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