New insulin regimen: so far, so good.

After another frustrating day of talking to the pharmacy and the doctor’s office, and realizing that the pharmacy staff were incompetent idiots and it was really their fault we were having problems filling the Rx, we finally got everything straightened out and started our new insulin routine today. We continue to do basal Lantus in the evening but no longer do NPH in the morning and just cover meals and snacks with Novolog using an insulin to carbs ratio. Today could not have been a better day to start this new plan! V woke up with a stomach ache and was not very hungry. Plus it was early because we were heading for our 5K. She ate just a little bit and thankfully we did not have to force 65 grams of carbs into her at breakfast. Before and after the race, we just made sure to check her blood sugar and keep her hydrated. And luckily they had sample-size Lara Bars at the start. Lara Bars are gluten-free and were a perfect pre-race snack for V. I did, of course, have other snacks in my fuel belt for her, since you can never assume there will be a gluten-free option available. V complete her first 5K – YAY – but complained of stomach ache all along and finally threw up in the car on the way back. She ended up eating a little for lunch and once again it was so nice to not have to force any carbs into her. By the time dinner rolled around, she seemed fully recovered and ready to have a normal meal. I think we under-estimated the carbs in her dinner a little, which is common when dining out, as her bedtime BG was a little high. But it was so freeing to have this flexibility. So far we all are liking this new plan a lot better, even if it means more injections during the day. Also, stay tuned for my first restaurant review – a nice little place in our neighborhood that offers delicious gluten-free options.


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